Spasticity and Mobility Clinic at Queen Alexandra Hospital

About: Gather clinical data to track disease progression or treatment outcomes.

Rater’s experience: 9 / 10
Rater’s position: Clinical Lab Tech

Rater’s comments:
“Although there are only a few spots (but there is enough turn-over within a year to get in if you stay on them after you apply), this position is great because you get direct patient interaction in a clinical setting. You get to participate in Clinical Rounds and you get to work directly with Physiatrists, Physiotherapists, Orthotists, support staff, interns, etc. This has given me a real insight into patient care and the Docs on staff really love involving, challenging and including the volunteers! Can’t say enough about this position.” (edited for brevity)

Time Commitment: 3 hours/week for 6 months (1 year preferred)
Leadership Opportunities: Many

To get involved:
Sarah Hook:


VIHA Children’s Health Clinic

About: An immunization clinic for children and babies. You greet the parents then help them weigh the baby, measure their height and the circumference of their head. The babies are from 2 months to 2 years.

Rater’s experience: 8 / 10
Rater’s position: Volunteer

Rater’s comments:
“I really enjoy seeing/playing with babies. This position also has a very flexible schedule- I volunteer once every other week for 3 hours. However, you don’t have a ton of responsibility in this role.”

Time Commitment: 3 hours shifts, minimum once every 2 weeks.
Leadership Opportunities: None

To get involved:
Contact Volunteer Scheduler Kim McCulley

Victoria Sexual Assault Centre

About: The Victoria Sexual Assault Centre is dedicated to ending sexualized violence through activities directed at healing, education, and prevention.

Rater’s experience: 10 / 10
Rater’s positions: Board of Directors, Sexual Assault Response Team Worker, Community Outreach and Fundraising

Rater’s comments:
“The staff and volunteers are all wonderful to work with. Helping with fundraising and community outreach work is a great way to first get involved with VSAC; being on the SART team is intense but rewarding work, and it allows you to work in a hospital setting with forensic nurses, ER doctors, and the police.”

Time Commitment: Fundraising has no specific commitment, SART requires 60 hours training and approx. 3 on call shifts per month.
Leadership Opportunities: Some

To get involved:

Island Health: RJH and VGH

Recommended by 6 members

About: There are many different volunteer positions to choose from at Royal Jubilee or Victoria General Hospital. The positions range from information desk volunteer, emergency volunteer, library cart volunteer, and many more!

Raters’ average experience: 8.2 / 10.0

Raters’ position: Volunteer (various positions)

Raters’ comments:
“I love being someone the patients can talk to about anything. It also helps the nurses have a little break. I would recommend it to see if hospital life is for you, and for the communication skills gained.. And of course for the wicked cool stories from patients!”

“I enjoyed being able to explore the hospital and meet patients that were ill as well as providing them with conversation and company in what can be a lonely environment. The organization is very welcoming and encourages pre-med students to participate in their volunteer program. It provides hospital exposure, confidence and public speaking skills. It is a very rewarding opportunity.”

“One-on-one patient visitation at RJH is great. The best thing I get out of it is getting to hear the amazing stories from older patients. People really open up to you and really love the company – it makes a big difference to them! I also get direct interaction with RNs, LPNs, Social Workers (not so much with Doctors). If you have not had a position in a patient care area this is an excellent way to get your feet wet.” (edited for brevity)

“This volunteer position allows me to practice many skills including social skills, speaking skills, and organizational skills.”

“Allowed me to get used to a hospital setting.”

“You get to see the patient aspect of healthcare.”

Time Commitment: 60 hours total for a reference letter
Leadership Opportunities: Many

To get involved:
                                Volunteer Coordinator: Kathy Nies,

Canadian Blood Services & UVic Blood Club

Recommended by 7 members

About: CBS is Canada’s blood donation service. UVic Blood Club helps train and organize volunteers to run local clinics and events. You can volunteer by donating blood, working in the clinic to help donors, recruiting donors within the community, or performing blood-typing events.

Raters’ average experience: 8 / 10
Raters’ positions: various volunteering roles

Raters’ comments:
“Volunteering with this organization will raise your awareness of blood donation. I recommend in-clinic volunteering because you will learn how to handle situations when people faint or re-bleed.”

“Nice clinical environment. Good pace. Friendly staff.”

“Canadian blood services promotes a great cause and getting involved can help save peoples lives. There is room to grow in each position and many different opportunities for volunteering.”

“It is a easy and relatively stress-free volunteer position that still makes me feel like I am helping people!”

“I like being able to talk to so many different people in the clinic. You are actually a vital part of the donation process and you feel as though your time is really being valued. Also, you are not required to commit to certain shifts so you can volunteer as much or as little as fits your schedule.”

“Very flexible commitment, no obligation to regularly volunteer. You know that each donation is a valuable contribution. Friendly clinic staff and fun to socialize with donors as a clinic volunteer. There are occasionally clinics on campus.”

Time Commitment: Flexible. 30 hour min. for reference letter. Leadership roles require a 1 year commitment.
Leadership Opportunities: Some / Many

To get involved:
Van. Isl. Volunteer Resources Coordinator: Ciara Stewart
250-405-4306 or

UVic Student Ambassadors

About: This energetic group of students is one of the most active and prestigious student groups on campus. Working closely with the UVic Alumni Association and UVic Alumni Relations, the group’s mission is to help promote school spirit and provide opportunities for current students to develop strong leadership skills, find alumni mentors, and leave a legacy at UVic before they graduate.

Rater’s experience: 8 / 10
Rater’s position: Member

Rater’s comments:
“It’s a great way to be involved in all kinds of different events around campus. This group organizes campus-wide events such as De-Stress Fest; organizing things like this that students really appreciate is super fun!”

Time Commitment: About 20 hours / semester
Leadership Opportunities: Some

To get involved: