UVic Waterpolo Club

About: University waterpolo club that practices three times per week. We play tournaments in Vancouver, Victoria and in Washington. Close knit, welcoming team atmosphere. No experience required!

Rater’s experience: 10 / 10
Rater’s position: Executive

Rater’s comments:
“Great opportunity to meet people and recruit new members at clubs days and Thunderfest! The club is a phenomenal group of people who are welcoming to all ages and abilities! Organizing team socials, tournaments, and fundraising events is a great opportunity to practice organizational/ leadership skills!”

Time Commitment: Full year, three practices per week (attend 2+)
Leadership Opportunities: Some

To get involved:


UVic Ultimate Frisbee Club

About: Play competitive ultimate frisbee. Very competitive club, but encourages people who have never thrown a frisbee in their life to come out, learn and play.

Rater’s experience: 10 / 10
Rater’s position: Participant

Rater’s comments:
“I am very competitive person, and I thought I wouldn’t be able to participate with a sports team that competed against other highly competitive teams after high school. UVic’s ultimate frisbee competes against several different universities including many from the U.S.”

Time Commitment: 6 hours/week plus tournaments
Leadership Opportunities: Some

To get involved: http://www.uvicultimate.com/

UVic Rowing Team

About: As an athletic pursuit, the purpose of this endeavour is to train and compete to the best of your ability while representing your school. You get to wake up very early, row on a beautiful lake, and watch the sun rise!

Rater’s experience: 9 / 10
Rater’s position: Team Member

Rater’s comments:
“Any athletic activity with the university is an amazing opportunity to work as a team and meet really awesome people. I love the sense of team, developing my sense of motivation (in waking up really early), and the drive to push myself to the limit in a race.”

Time Commitment: 5-7 times / week
Leadership Opportunities: Many

To get involved: http://www.govikesgo.com/