About: Various positions to help with events.

Rater’s experience: 8 / 10
Rater’s position: Volunteer

Rater’s comments:
“Its a light volunteer opportunity on campus and you get to volunteer with other students.”

Time Commitment: x hours/week
Leadership Opportunities: x

To get involved:


UVic Urban Gaming Club

Recommended by 2 members

About: Group plays nerf wars, humans vs zombies, etc.

Raters’ average experience: 7.5 / 10.0
Raters’ positions: Participant

Raters’ comments:
“People were easy to get along with. Form tight bonds with the people on your team.”

“Great way to get to know other people. Great way to decompress.”

Time Commitment: None
Leadership Opportunities: Few

To get involved:

UVic Student Ambassadors

About: This energetic group of students is one of the most active and prestigious student groups on campus. Working closely with the UVic Alumni Association and UVic Alumni Relations, the group’s mission is to help promote school spirit and provide opportunities for current students to develop strong leadership skills, find alumni mentors, and leave a legacy at UVic before they graduate.

Rater’s experience: 8 / 10
Rater’s position: Member

Rater’s comments:
“It’s a great way to be involved in all kinds of different events around campus. This group organizes campus-wide events such as De-Stress Fest; organizing things like this that students really appreciate is super fun!”

Time Commitment: About 20 hours / semester
Leadership Opportunities: Some

To get involved: http://alumni.uvic.ca/connect/studentalum.php

UVic Students Offering Support

Recommended by 5 members

About: SOS is a charity with chapters at many universities in Canada. SOS volunteers prepare, market and run review lectures to help students prepare for exams. These “Exam-AIDs” raise money for education development projects in Central America which are also built by SOS volunteers.

Raters’ average experience: 9.8 / 10.0
Raters’ positions: Various positions

Raters’ comments: (edited for brevity)
“I found it immensely rewarding to train undergraduate students to give review lectures. I was able to see their skills and confidence improve and encourage their progress. I also was able to get experience in leadership and ensuring tasks are accomplished in a specific time frame.”

“We work fairly closely with one another, which makes you feel like you are a part of a really solid club. It has a focus, you know what the final goal is and that you are a part of something that is working to benefit individuals in an array of areas. Tutoring students and raising money to help aspiring students thrive somewhere where education is less available is absolutely heart warming and you actually see the result through the outreach projects.”

“The flexibility of the position is wonderful and the perks of being a part of the club are even better! Members of the club can attend SOS review sessions for free and receive discounts on MCAT prep courses.”

“My SOS experience was a key factor in gaining competitive co-op jobs, scholarships and campus connections. I learned more real-world skills through SOS than through any other organization. I also went on an SOS trip to Guatemala and it was an incredible travel experience I would highly recommend it to anyone. 4 former BC SOS presidents are now in UBC medicine.”

“VP marketing is an opportunity to use your creativity and genuine enthusiasm to support a great cause. I have enjoyed the responsibility of being the public representative for a chapter of an international organization. SOS is a rare opportunity to support a third world cause while benefiting your local community, allowing you to directly see the benefit of your innovation and hard work.”

Time Commitment: Depends on role, approx. 1-6 hours/week
Leadership Opportunities: Many

To get involved: http://victoria.soscampus.com

UVic Anatomy Lab Assistant

Recommended by 2 members

About: After completing EPHE 141 (Intro to Human Anatomy), students who excel have the opportunity to apply as a lab assistant to the TA. Such a position affords students the ability to build leadership and collegiality skills in a medically relevant setting.

Raters’ experiences: 10 / 10 and 5 / 10
Raters’ positions: Lab Assistant

Raters’ comments:
“As a current medical student who employed such direction, I highly (highly, highly) recommend this to all premeds. Leadership building skills, collegial and positive environment, working with human anatomy.”

“It’s lots of fun and really reinforces your knowledge of anatomy. I really enjoyed getting to know the students and being able to offer support and advice.”

Time Commitment: 5-6 hours / week; you teach one lesson a week and oversee one study period a week.
Leadership Opportunities: Many

To get involved: Complete EPHE 141

Science Venture

About: SV runs summer camps, school workshops and afterschool clubs that get kids interested in science, technology, engineering and math.

Rater’s experience: 10 / 10
Rater’s position: Camp Coordinator

Rater’s comments:
“Reminds you about the fun side of science education. Very well run organization. You get to play with kids, design projects and teach classes. Coordinator position provides great leadership, training and management skill development. Overall a highly rewarding experience in any role.”

Time Commitment: Few hours / week for after-school clubs, full-time employment for summer camps.
Leadership Opportunities: Many

To get involved: http://scienceventure.ca
                                svdirector@engr.uvic.ca or visit Melisa (Director) in ECS Lab Wing Room A118