CSC 110: Fundamentals of Programming I

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Prof Quality  5 / 5  for Srivastava

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Introduction to designing, implementing, and understanding computer programs using an object-oriented programming language. Topics include an introduction to computing and problem solving, selection and iteration, arrays and collections, objects and classes, top-down design and incremental development.

Note: Credit will be granted for only one of 110, 111.

Prerequisites: One of Foundations of Math 12, Mathematics 12, Precalculus 12, MATH 120.

Units: 1.5, Hours: 3-2

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“If interested in logic-based courses that require little studying if you have a strong understanding of course material. Also if you are interested in programming at all.”


HINF 280: Biomedical Fundamentals

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Prof Quality  4.5 / 5.0  for Erdem

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Presents the principles of biochemistry, cell biology, organ physiology and selected examples of pathology in order to provide the fundamentals required for understanding in future studies. The study of the integrated functions of physiological systems is covered, with emphasis on the nervous, endocrine, muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Emerging topics in health informatics including bioinformatics are discussed.

Prerequisites: One of Biology 12, BIOC 102, BIOL 150A, 150B, 190A, EPHE 141, PE 141.

Units: 1.5, Hours: 3-0

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“It’s like Med school since you do case studies.”